Work with me

I create websites, just like this one.

When you are ready to ‘get online’ or change your online presence, and I have server access to your domain name, you will be up and running in 2 days. Then I either train you to do your own blogs or you might want me to stay on a little longer and manage it for you. Don’t worry, – I will not let go until you are steady on your feet.

All my clients inspire me – I love what you do and I am passionate about getting your message out in the world. That means that I will kick your butt to get you using social media and your website to create a big buzz around your service and products.

I am nuts about tracking – that’s my nerdy side. I can sit and watch online traffic all day long. That’s how I know when you are putting yourself out there. During our initial week together you will see your stats rising and start to learn what content most inspire your audience. Tracking Reports darling, that’s where you get to learn about the clients who are about to walk in your door 😊

Success is daring to rise and become your full potential.

When we do that which makes our heart sing, we inspire others to sing along.

Building communities makes me excited. Bringing compassionate and inspired people together, who will help each other succeed, that’s what I’m at.

When you consider working with me, you are looking for an openhearted place to belong. You have a business or an idea you love, – one you have nurtured. You know your ideas will light up your clients.

Let’s not worry too much about money for now. Let’s get you up and running first. For the next little while I am open to welcome 3 new clients. Your initial investment is €300. Your site will be live and kicking and when your phone starts ringing you can decide what you want to do from there. – You see, – in my experience with this online world, it is very likely, when you do things naturally and wholeheartedly, that you will soon be very busy and all that is needed is a few blog posts to keep you going.

And writing a blogpost, darling, is as easy as sending a mail. If you can do that you will be more then able to look after your website.

Looking forward to say Welcome on board ❤️ 

Love & Light

Vig x