The Journey Out

After a hectic week of packing we finally bundle our 9 suitcases into the mini van and set off to the airport . . . . It’s really happening! Eeeeek!

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Passing the school, just as the kids spills out of the yard at the end of they’re day, we frantically wave our cheerful goodbye’s, all excited about the adventure ahead.

For a brief moment I realise that Ruby has no concept of leaving her friends behind, nor how long she will be away for. This is her first move abroad unless you count our arrival in Ireland 8 years ago, which she won’t remember.

But there’s no time for contemplation, I have a much more pressing issue to attend to. I’ve left the house unlocked after  given all the keys to my estate agent this morning. I urgently need to get hold of Michael Roberts so he can swing by the house and lock up 🙂 I’ve been blessed with a scatty mind indeed. Thankfully I have a brilliant estate agent to look after our house while we’re gone – however many years that will be.

The packers where amazing, if you ever make an international move get in touch with ARPIN International Movers. We gave them the shortest possible time frame but they managed to pack up our entire house in a day and a 1/2! Having worked tirelessly long into last night and returning early this morning, they drove off in their huge truck with 1/2 hour to spare before our departure. I sure do sail close to the wind 🙂

Our minibus speeds of as the Limerick rain starts to poor on our windscreen, dropping us at Shannon Airport where tears await. Saying goodbye to Deborah, who’s come to see use off, is oh so hard. If only I could take my friends with me on the journey, but alas, the distance between us can now only be shorten by Skype.

By far the best way to journey out from the west is with Singapore Airlines. If you are planning your journey, get a direct flight! Our stop over in Singapore added at least 7 hours to our trip and it was like going back on ourself. While the direct flight form London to Bangkok is 11 hours, flying to Singapore is 12 hours. We then had a 2 hours wait before our 3 hour connecting flight back to Bangkok. Traveling for the Irish government, we have little choice but to take what is booked for us, we do pinch pennies for the sake of the tax payers, even when it means flying 23 hours in economy. Sadly there is no more leg-room, in economy with Singapore Airlines than your regular Are Lingus seat. The service, however, is all smiles.

Eating while flying tend to give me a tummy upset, which takes days to shift, so I rather not eat, but 22 hours in the air require some ‘nutrients’. I wonder if Singapore Airlines is famous for their in-flight food? For it is delicious, plenty full and well prepared. As I delighted in our dinner of salads, fruit and chicken/fish with rice & vegetable I wondered, – why is it that other airlines can’t manage to make their food even remotely edible? Recalling a piping hot Pennine on board an SAS flight to Oslo a few years ago, when the first bite nearly incinerating my mouth, but waiting till it cooled down left me nearly sobbing with hunger into a rock hard brick I just couldn’t bite off.

Water too, is plenty full on-board, our smiling hostesses tirelessly walked the lies all night with glasses of water  – yes I got a few glasses of wine too – might as well since Thailand’s cheapest bottle of average red or white will set me back €25+. You can put the content of your wine cellar in your sea shipment, but expect long delays in customs when it finally arrives (3-4 months by sea). No liquid, Plydough, paint or batteries are allowed in your air freight shipment (4-5 weeks by air), so remember to put all your batteries in your suitcase.

The Awesome Kidd eventually fell asleep with her legs in my lap while her dad & I sat upright, plugged into the video selection, of which I remember very little, as I constantly nodded off every few minutes.

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Our driver awaited us on arrival in Bangkok. We booked the limo service through the hotel and at 2,000 Bath (€50) not only cost the same, but I can swear was the same minibus that took us form Castleconnell to Shannon, only on this side the air-condition was going instead of the window wipers. If you have a bit more time to organise your trip, you can book just as good a service with any of the local limo services for 800 Bath (one way), but that is something I found out after we arrived. Just make sure you let them know how many suitcases you have so you get a big enough car, that goes for the Irish side too.

As we are traveling on a posting and plan to stay a while (months in Bangkok, years abroad) we made full use of the extra baggage allowance for our first month’s comfort. Of course, the Awesome Kid has 2 suitcases all to herself full of toys and books, it is so important that she has as much familiarity around her as possible these first months. I still made the mistake of putting the PlayStation in the air freight container . . . . I’m in for a month of; ‘when is it coming mum?’ You’ve been warned not to do the same.

Our first abode at the Aetas Residence was a great choice for us. With only 4 min walk to the Embassy on 208 Wireless Road Shane gets to ease himself into his new role. To get the best price possible I asked one of the estate agents to make the booking for us. We arrived to a lovely 2 bedroom apartment with use to all the hotel amenities. The cost for the month – 115,000 Bath (€2,800), which is not bad in this area of Bangkok.

With the time it will take to find a permanent abode, a month is probably just about right. Be warned though, when we arrived we where given a welcome letter which included free laundry – I’d like to see the taxpayers paying for my clean knickers 🙂 Laundry is of course not included 🙂

To make this our home we quickly unpacked the 9 suitcases and decorated Ruby’s room with books, teddies and her LPS’s before it was time to get into bed – Awwhhh the lovely feeling of a comfy bed ❤️

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Love & Light

Vig x

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