Patience and Photography

Today I need an extra dollop of patience

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In the studio I often hear; “Oh you must have so much patience!” I sometimes joke that I was first in line when patience was handed out. After a studio session too, my clients often thank me for being so patient with their children, – so yes, I am patient, – I have patient in abundance.

I could not do my work without patience, for that is what my children needs from me. I can not tell a 2 year old to “sit, smile, laugh!” on command, they don’t operate like that, – in fact very few of my models do.

It is not only behind the camera I need patience. I need it for my editing and in my every day life too. I need it for Ruby and Shane and most of all I need to be patient with myself.

After 6 hours straight editing today and yesterday and the day before, I realise that I have not been very patient with myself. I forgot to eat, to get up, to stretch, to breath. I was so eager to deliver the portraits to my clients before the weekend I allowed the work to take over, which is not always a good thing.

I love being ‘in the flow’ with my light-room work, allowing every image to be crafted from it’s RAW beauty into the softest portraits that will hang on my client’s walls for years, maybe even generations to come. I think about this when I work – I think about my models, the family on my screen, who came to share their joy with me. They deserve my patience, both as a photographer and editor and I don’t like to rush either of these jobs, no matter how long and arduous the process. This work takes time, it needs time to become and flourish.

When I am patient with myself I work much better, I remember to take breaks, to have lunch, to stretch, to move and to enjoy my solitary time at work. I remember to be grateful to everyone whom allow me to do this work whichI love so much.

When I leave you now, with Kafka’s words on patience, I light the candles as the evening light grows dim and I promise myself, that this weekend I will be patient with myself – I will take time to just be and I hope you will too.

Much Love & Light

Vig x

“Patience is the master key to every situation. One must have sympathy for everything, surrender to everything, but at the same time remain patient and forbearing.”

Franz Kafka

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