Our Kenya – Mara Siria

Welcome to Mara Siria

The smiles that meet us as we walk to the welcome tent, cleaning our dusty windswept faces on cool damp, lush washcloths, offered as we step out of the van. What a wonderful welcome by the staff at Mara Siria.

We gratefully accept a refreshing welcome drinks as we sign papers, listen to their briefing and feel the breeze coming from the garden, I am dying to walk off and explore.

Ruby has already found her spot on the look out bench. And what a look out it is!

The expanse of the African Savannah is so vast it’s hard to describe. Far below us it stretch to the end of the world. Fading it’s green hues where it merge with the blue sky above. What is is about my sole that jolts, every time I see the full breath of the horizon? Breathtaking! Yes, and a soothing welcome home.

“Up in this air you breathed easily, drawing in a vital assurance and lightness of heart. In the highlands you woke up in the morning and thought: Here I am, where I ought to be.”

Karen Blixen

We run, in the light fresh air, exploring every edge of the garden. There are no boundaries here, that’s what a bush camp is, borderless, open so the wildlife can walk free. We, when the night falls, will not walk free, – a guide will bring us between tents for dinner and sleep.  But first, let’s have lunch.

Served in the garden.  

And then, finally time for a nap. Traveling throughout the night we knew a rest would serve us better than heading out on safari on our first day. We are slow travellers, we have time and we want to take it all in – especially the feeling of ‘camping’. It’s Ruby’s first time in a tent and though it’s definitely a tent it’s a far cry form the 4 people frame tent we pitched, to sleep in every night, on our summer holiday journey form Ålesund to Lofoten. This, I believe, is more like the tent Karen would have stayed in on her Safaris.

“Still, we often talked on the farm of the Safaris that we had been on. Camping places fix themselves in your mind as if you had spent long periods of your life in them. You will remember a curve of your wagon track in the grass of the plain, like the features of a friend.”

Karen Blixen

At night the air grew cold. We where prepared with warm winter sweatshirts and wraps, having longed to feel cold for a year. After dinner our guide lit the way and guided us back to our tent – prepared for sleep. Mosquitos nets tucked around our beds and between the sheets a delightful surprise. A hot water bottle for our cold feet 🙂  No sleeping bags gliding over blowup mattresses that seeped air through the night, though still not quite the softness of our own beds. Outside, far from the Cairo bustling noise, rustled in bushes, squeaked form the trees creatures of wilderness lulled us to sleep.

Love & Light

Vig ❤️

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