The New School

It’s been a array of activities this first week and the most important has been finding the right school for the Awesome Kid.

No matter how much research I did before we came out here (and I did a lot), there was no way, with all the choices, I could pick a school before we could see them ourself. I also believe that Ruby need to feel she have a choice in which school she goes to, it is her, after all, who will be spending most of her time here.

On Monday, we visited St Andrews School, Sathorn, the closest school to the Embassy (proximity to work and home in king), and it was so lovely we decided to cancelled the appointment we had with he American School. Ruby’s excitement over the school, the teachers and meeting new friends meant she couldn’t wait for her try-out day on Wednesday.  She bounced beaming out the school gate when I picked her up, full of chatter ‘this is the best school ever mummy!’ So before we headed of for a treat we completed the paperwork and picked up her new school uniforms.

I couldn’t wait to hear about her day; – so . . . how was it? I asked as she jumped & skipped & was all smiles under her big baseball cap brim; ‘It was #AWESOME!!!!’

AwesomeKid Beaming WonderWorks Vig Gleeson

Full of chat, she told me stories about new friends, cool school projects about ancient Egypt and even a boy who was ‘in Love’ with her 😍 ‘but he’s only in 3rd class so that won’t really count’ 😊 Trailing past the street stalls up Convent Road, there was more #joy when she discovered they had the ‘old’ Littlest Pet Shops’ she’s been looking for for aaaages.

Convent Road Street Sign WonderWorks Vig Gleeson

She was starving – for she didn’t quite like the food in the canteen and as we could literarily hear her tummy rumbling over all the hustle and bustle of the Bangkok streets, so she got to choose where we had dinner – “McDonald!”

LPS and McDonalds WonderWorks Vig Gleeson

School starts in ernest on Monday and I hope the ‘awesomeness’ may long continue. I’m delighted the school decision is made. It will be a very early start to the day – with a 6am wake-up-call for a schooldays starting at 8am! At least the day is cool at that hour.

Ruby send a BIG hello to all her friends in Castleconnell 💖

Love & Light

Vig x


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