Living Without Seasons?

The air is choking – rain poisonous – time shocking as I long for fresh and warmer air. How can I complain, when Maadi has been so glorious till now?

It’s like I’ve been living without seasons for a year – escaping the miserable Irish winter jus as the weather warmed up in Bangkok, and as the rainy season took stronghold in Thailand, leaving everything damp and smelling mouldy, we arrived to dry, warm, sunny days in Egypt.

But for today only, winter has descended on one of the most polluted (and populated) cities in the world. It’s a shock to learn what it feels like when the air is choking my lungs as soon as I step outside. The dreadful smell of burning rubber assault my nostrils and for a country that apparently gets no rain – a poisonous downpour, not refreshing – not cooling – not cleansing, leaves a film of scary pollution in it’s wake – on my skin, my clothes, my child.

Cairo Pollution

I add to the pollution by driving to school. The 15 minute walk we enjoy with the dog in the morning, nattering as we navigate stray Baladi dogs, erratic traffic, Boab’s cleaning cars and smiling good morning, horse and carts pulling deliveries or collecting rubbish, kiosks and bulging flower shops on every corner. Such a colourful and noisy joy to be in. But today – Welcome December, brings me back to a season again – winter has arrived in Maadi.

Winter in Ireland was woollen socks, central heating and a dash out the door if the rain let up for a moment. The morning damp that raise form the Irish ground eventually evaporating in the midday light, so too, in Maadi, do the choking dust settle with the midday sun.

Winter in Maadi is staying safe indoor till the poison leaves the air and we can go out and enjoy the leafy green streets – where sun-rays dance through the trees in the mild day, before the sun starts to sets. By 4pm, the smell of burning rubber is back again. Time to stay indoors, shield our skin and lungs  and surprisingly, – time to put the big woolly socks on too.

Thankfully, rainy day’s – like today –  are few and far between, tomorrow the sun will shine again.


Love & Light

Vig 💖

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