Living in the Sky!

“We are home!!!”

For me, the only place to live in Bangkok is in the Sky! We have finally moved in. After 3 weeks of trawling endless condos with a hosts of well meaning, thought not always so understanding to my requirements, estate agents, we finally found the place. . . and it’s in The Sky!

The 16th floor to be exact. I marvel at the views of ‘down there’ and ‘up here’.Living in the Sky Bangkok WonderWorks Photography Vig Gleeson

The fabulous landscape of sky-scrapers – how tall do you have to be to get the ‘sky-scrapers’ status? Rooftop gardens and sparkling pool decks and the endless traffic on Sathrorn Road, – 4 lanes going south, 4 lanes going north with a river lazily mirandering in the middle.

I had to compromise on my dishwasher requirement, but we did get the all important 7 min walk to school and the 3 great size bedrooms.

Why would we not want to live inn the sky in this great city – since we have to live inside the city that is. This is the only place where we get the views, the feeling of space around us, the aspect of the horizon and the wonderful breeze.

Our apartment is heavenly – specious – newly renovated with floor to ceiling windows that invite in the view – it is Perfect! This is what I wanted, this was worth waiting for, worth every frustrating viewing and all the pavement pounding. – I am home!!!

It is a big difference from our house in Castleconnell. Having massively downscaled our stuff, which now fits into about 5 cubic meters, was not an easy decluttering project to get my head around before the move, – now it feels light, free and airy & that can only be a good thing. Breda gave me a lot of of help when it came to letting go of stuff. In times like these, you truly value your friends, especially when they are declutter therapists. 🙂 Thank you beautiful Breda 💖

DECLUTTERING TIPS, DECLUTTERING ADVICE AND DECLUTTERING HELP Breda Stack is The Declutter Therapist™, teaching and motivating you to break free from the overwhelm of physical, mental and emotional clutter so you can enjoy a simpler, happier life. Through The Declutter Academy, Breda also trains and supports you to overcome your knowledge gaps and uncertainties so you can build a career in a specialised area of professional decluttering and organising.

It only took a week before our air freight container arrived and the internet got installed. They both turned up on the same day, both in teams of 3. Yes, that is 3 engineers to get the internet installed! Thailand is proud to boast of a ‘0’ unemployment rate 🙂

So now we have graduated from the interim plastic cutlery and paper plates to our own familiar blue china (minus all my cups ??? What the heck! I must have forgotten to leave them out for the packers in Ireland . . . there goes that scatty brain of mine again) and WFM stainless steel, but more importantly, – the stereo arrived! Oh how I’ve missed my music – good thing the apartment is pretty much soundproofed, or we’ll be ‘out on our ear’ already 🙂

I can’t wait to see Ruby’s reaction when she gets home form school to find her PlayStation – she’s had her heart broken from all the waiting.

Now we are all set to start living the Bangkok life in ernest 🙂

Happy at Home Coming

Love & Light

Vig x

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