“I can’t see the whole road but I’m walking it anyway”

I’ve realised, this week, launching that my heart wants to work in web design and communication. Maybe I have come full circle? My degree (1991) was in visual communication, – which is exactly the job Gaye offered me. Well, – she didn’t exactly offer, I just sort of kept asking till she finally say yes. 😜

I am writing a book about how my childhood experiences impacted my life from childhood to my early 40’s. 

I share my personal thoughts and views about how our world changes and how we, who choose to accept the mission of living the best possible life we can give ourself, change with it.

I believe BIG conversations are important. My grandmother used to get so much of her chest on Friday nights, when I dropped in for a natter and to do my laundry. On Saturday morning she would call me, in slight panic saying; ‘oh, – what we spoke about last night, – that stays between the two of us.’  

I herald to this great advice on writing memoir’s; ‘the dead can’t sue you’ – so sorry Mormor, the truth will out. – Yes, for those of you who get this; – I have the connection with her to know she’s enjoying what I’m doing and give her wholehearted support for the TRUTH.  One of my friends, – Maria, definitely gets this. She’s a healer, hypnotherapist and a bit of a medium. She is absolutely fabulous – going to her’s is like escaping to my own Oasis.

We meet at the Irish Embassy’s 2017 St Patricks Day bash. It truly was a bash, none does it quite as well as the Irish! Though Norway’s 17 May Celebration in the embassy gardens was really lovely too. To include the kids, get fed yummy food from ‘home’ – hot dogs, – oh how we loved the Norwegian hotdogs! Perfectly made scrambled egg, smoked salmon and wine. And to mingle with so many Norwegian speakers, – it was great fun! Great conversations! I meet some really lovely Norwegian mum’s who live close by, we said we’ll meet up again soon and Im looking forward to it already.

As Norwegians we come form a history steeped in the famous Vikings – whom everyone now seem to love (oh my god the men!!!)  Vikings is on Netflix 😉 Not a pick on 50 shades 😉

Since arriving in Maadi (August 2016) we have made some amazing friends. I told you about Spanish Theresa, she is fabulous! So are they all. What is most exciting is to have a Writing Partner. Nina is absolutely amazing! She’s written this screen play for a movie about Aleppo, Syria, I’ve read it and can’t wait to see the movie!

She is so passionate about our world and the rights of women. Having grown up here in Maadi, going to CAC where her mother taught English, and moving to the states to study, while her parents remained in Egypt, makes for some really interesting conversations.

She was a journalist during the 2011 revolution, – I’m mesmerised by the stories she tells about it. The mobile network went down, – imagining – suddenly all our mobiles going quite? Thankfully there had been a ‘tip-off’ so many had exchanged home numbers. I have no idea what my home number is, my home phone isn’t even plugged in, – but I get why we have one.

‘In case of emergency’ is a phrase we use a lot more in Egypt than in Norway and Ireland, – sadly it’s use is spreading in the world.- Taking in that thought makes me feel that living the best possible life I can give myself is even more urgent.

We made our first emergency call yesterday. I got cut of in rush hour traffic and intimidates by an angry mod of Egyptian men. That brought it home and made us wise to the volatile situation we live in. These men do not reflect the general male population of Cairo and these incidences, while they happen, are not the norm. I will post another blog with the video from the incident. 

I have been on my  journey of ‘self discovery’ since 1995. The year we got married was the year I stared to wake up to some of the behaviours I had, that I didn’t like. I have made so many changes in life since then and it’s been a revelation.

I woke up to find I am OK, that I am worthy and have a right to be her. I woke up to how I viewed ‘lack’ and I changed it to ‘abundant.’ I have built a business and now I’m building another. I have emerged again and agin and I’ve no plans of stopping.

I am about to turn 50 and my life have never been so good! 

Amazingly it’s about to get better. As the song goes; – “I have finally found myself “- or is that ‘found someone’? 😊  💞

My blog is about my journey from the day I started to wake up and query my life and my behaviour. Until that point, in my late 20’s, I had no desire looking back on my life. So much of the behaviour I displayed as a child and teenager triggers awful feeling of shame.

I believe many of us have feelings of shame when we look back on our teens and 20’s. This was the time of escalated learning. – finish being a child and get on with being adult. – Grow up!

Growing pains are the worst and I see Ruby going through them now. With that huge injection of hormones, is there any wonder we struggle? As Ruby enters her puberty I enter menopause and I see the same symptoms in myself as in Ruby.  – Oh God Bless Mr Shane for he is in for a rough ride!  😂

So my question is; Is there anything we can do to lessen the stress of puberty and menopause? 

I was chatting to Deborah yesterday, she’s in Spain at the moment – if you don’t know her look her up on Wellness Rocks – she’s hilarious – and the language out of that one  😂   . . . anyway, I will progress.

I encouraged Debs to get onboard the #fookfifty revolution – and she said; – ‘I went in and had a look at that but it was all menopause stuff – I’m not having the menopause!’ We laughed so hard I nearly . . . (well, – you know).

I love people who are so wholeheartedly honest 😊  When I told Gaye later we laughed even more  😂   It’s easy to be hones and to laugh when there is no judgement. Deborah is so funny and I hope she will take up the menopause mantel with a vision to reduce and maybe even remove the pains and strains of the menopause through clean food and mindset. She’s a Moira Geary QTT practitioner and my Reiki master, laugh buddy and food guru. Deborah’s detox is not for the fight hearted. I have done it twice and the first time was tough (emotionally) but this time around was much better. – I think it’s the group of women she gets together, her brilliant Facebook Live calls and her great humour that dose it for me.  – I owe so much of my good life to her. I’ll do another blog post on my detox experience, bear with me – I’m only just getting started, 😊

I have spent many nattering hours with Gaye around my recent procrastination. When I  spoke about living this wonderful life while being stuck in the past with my writing, she suggested I change things around. Instead of 80% book and 20% ‘here and now’ writing she suggested to flip it! So I did!

I’m starting WonderWorks Living because it’s worth Daring to live the best possible life I can give myself – Because I bloody well deserve it!

The inspiration I got from working with the content for Gay’s  have not only inspired me to keep on the healthy mind & body journey I started with Deborah, it has inspired me to launch WonderWorks Living. Thank you Gaye you truly hold my light.

It feels amazing to live this wonderful life with Shane and Ruby. Glorious Gratitude guys – you have all my love.  💞

For the rest of you, if you have any bit of interest, at all in what I’m sharing, please feel free to add your comment and sign up to my (irregular) newsletter.

Much Love & Light

Vig x

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    Wonderful piece Vig. Looking forward to being further inspired by more installments of Wonderworks Loving ❤

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