Detox with Debs

3:34am the Imam sings in deep baritone calling to Allah. Accross 120,000 mosques in Egypt – Iman’s are doing the same, making sure everyone in the land wakes in time for prayers.

The call to prayer did not wake me this morning – I was tiptoeing to the loo, before I even woke fully. Getting back into bed I notice there is a lot less of me. – My belly has just disappeared somehow.

That ‘This Detox Rocks’ is an understatement. In just a few days I have probably lost 3 kg.

I’m starting to realise that I was on the road to smothering myself with ‘self-love’. Over medicated on stodgy, salty comfort foods – crackers, cheese and wine. The awful truth is that I was willing to go along with it, because somewhere along the way I’ve learned that our (women in general) bodies expand naturally when we get to 50.

Me – living in London ano 1998

The over indulgent of ‘adult’ aliments is both a drug and nourishment – the ‘drug’ part had filled me up with toxins and no matter how hard I ‘worked out’ the weight around the middle remained impossible to shift.

Now, in the middle of the night, when the Imam amble back to his cot I feel shame, guilt and gratitude all at the same time. The perpetual food-hangover I seem to have had for the past few years (since my last detox) is a paradox in good living.

I revel in life’s new found abundance to the detriment of my body and energy. The more I stuff down the more lethargic I feel. I’m on a downward spiral – as my mood fluctuate and the scale keeps throwing up bigger numbers.

Thankfully ‘there is more to life than this.’ That is why This Detox Rocks, it wakes me the the f* up – literally – at 3am in the morning – so that I can start to live with energy and excitement again.

An indulgent life makes it really hard to stick to any plan because at any moment, any day, the heavy foggy ‘food-hangover’ feeling can descend, and either the fridge, the sofa or the wine calls me to ‘get over it’ quick.

According the the NIH, my BMI (24.1) is rated ‘normal weight’- that’s 74kg for me and still it’s 10kg more than my happy wight at 64, which also keeps me in the ‘normal weight’ bracket. Happy weight for me is when I can choose to wear anything I like – including bikini (and bikini season for me last 7 months of the year) – without feeling uncomfortable or having to ‘tuck in the tummy,’ – this Cairo weather is waaaaaay to hot for spanks! My happy weight is when I feel energised and light enough to do any exercise or work – in facet, at 64kg running is easy, so is dancing the night way and climbing a mountain. At my happy weight I want to get up any go and I have the headspace to sit for hours fully concentrated on my work.

This ‘Foggy Brain’ is undermining my potential and . . . yes, I wonder, why am I doing this to myself? I am so grateful to Deborah for roping me onto her detox, just in time, – again.

I was about to give up on the weight, I was about to give myself over to ‘I’m nearly 50, – this is just the way it is.’

Going on a 10 day detox is hard but the benefits is getting back to being who I truly am. An energetic, slim, happy, get-up-and-go, make it happen – clear minded girl who loves to work and laugh and hang out.

I felt this same energetic happiness  last time I did Deborah’s detox but I let it slide because of all the emotional stuff that came up. I got angry about the coconut oil I put on my skin that made it brake out. I got angry about the cost of raw and organic. I got angry when my produce went off in the fridge and I wasn’t mentally strong enough to stay on track when the detox finished. I love wine, but with too much wine comes the hangover and with the hangover comes the lack of energy and salt cravings.

What I put in my body effects everything! I’m realising that I’ve been starving myself while at the same time stuffing myself. Something  is all wrong here and I’m sad, angry and a little ashamed of myself, – for I thought I’d got a lot further on my journey of self discovery.


Time to  turn my life around again. 

Deborah Cooney Rocking it in my WonderWorks Photography Studio

Do I have enough tools to help me through the next time I let it slide? Do I have what it takes to stay at my comfort weight when I get there in a month or so? Do I have what it takes to exercise? Do I have the guts to get ride of this awful gut that I’ve grown into a big pregnancy belly? Do I have the courage to be Fit for Fifty?

Do I want to live a really good, engaged and energetic life or would I rather the sofa, the crisps and wine and foggy brain that prevents me from making good on my promises to myself?

Well, let’s see how I get on – this is day 3 – Check out what happened after day 10.

If you think doing a detox could help you kick start your wellness journey have a look at Debora’s stuff on Wellness Rocks and let’s talk – who knows – maybe Deborah will do another detox just for us 😉

Much Love, Light & Wellness

Vig ❤️

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