Detox with Debs – I Feel Good!


Oh – guys, – I feel fantastic! Even with a little hangover from too much Champaign last night.

I skipped the gym yesterday for I knew I would dance all night – and I did 💃 It’s just so lovely to feel this light again. I was starting to get pains in my back from carrying the food baby 😮  Now there’s not much belly left – nor boobs – which is the worst side effect of Deborah’s detox. If only there was a way to keep the boobs  😂

The Great Gatsby Gala

I really needed this reminder of what it felt like to feel really well – In the early morning of day 3 I had a huge shift and I shed a tear for myself – for the nearly 50 year young woman who was just about to join the;  ‘It’s just the way our bodies “naturally” expand when we get close to 50’ choir.

I lost 4 kg! That leaves me with 6kg to go until I’m back at my happy weight. I might have cheated a bit more than the average detox student. Without access to pea protein I got to add a few goodies like humus and eggs, I’m not sure if those glasses of wine was on the list though 😉

. . . but I want to live this life – which includes having a fabulous social life. It is a life style that I’m loving.

I think that when we get to a place in life we really LOVE being – we should just go ahead and enjoy every moment!

. . . . but it is also about balance , which is why I will continue with some of the detox foods. When everything gets packed in ziplock bags in the freezer it is so easy to bang together a His & Here’s smoothy first thing in the morning, when I’m making Ruby’s school lunch and she chats while having her breakfast. Those Time Saving Videos are ace!

Breakfast with the awesome Deborah Cooney – Spain meets Cairo #FBLive – Day 10

Just letting go of bred, milky coffees, mayonnaise (my favourite spread), and french fries makes me lighter. Adding all that green and rainbow coloured goodness and lovely fats makes me feel like dancing 💃 I enjoy being back at the gym – to be hones I’d forgotten that . .

. . . we are suppose to sweat profusely to give the toxins a better escape route 😃

That’s why I will continue with all of it and I will remember how great I felt on day 3, when it all shifted.

I have to say a great big thank you to Deborah, for reminding me, yet again, that daring to live the best possible life I can give myself can’t be done unless I have great health.

I resist all diets and most exercise advice and tend to tune out when my friends get into conversations about food and recipes, – how Deb’s and I became such great friends is Magic! As well as the fact that she talk about so much more than food.

His & Her’s green smoothy

She talk about mindset and really, truly, tuning into our bodies – on a cell level – I love how she describe the cells in our body – making friends with them and feeding them the best possible nutrients to enjoy the best possible performance from them.

She talk about tuning in to the the feeling of ‘vibrating on that level’ – with a body full of goodness. That’s what I love the most – THAT is what makes this detox rock for me.

I my words on her health form (yes, you get to do one of those before you start the detox) was energy and energised – Man do I feel energised! – You should have seen me dance last night!!!!

Daring to live the best possible life we can give ourself – because we bloody well deserve it!  That’s what it’s at and we can’t do it without nourishing our bodies

So thank you Darling Debs for your service to the world. Your amazing work. Your Awesome message! and for you, YOU ROCK GIRL! Thank you honey, you gave me the good life back yet again.

If you think doing a detox could help you kick start your wellness journey have a look at Debora’s stuff on Wellness Rocks and let’s talk – who knows – maybe Deborah will do another detox just for us 😉

Much Love, Light & Wellness

Vig x

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  1. Thank you my darling, it’s a life changer for sure. Love your body, love your cells, vibrate as high as you can. Hugs hugs chick xxx

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