🎄 Happy Christmas from Cairo 🐪

SabaH ElKyr, Hei og God Jul, Happy Christmas ye all’ 

WOW – What a journey it’s been. I’m reading throughout my blogs, from Ireland, Thailand, Egypt, Norway and Kenya! Man am I a lucky, happy woman this Christmas. 💃

2018 will be even better ❤️ It is the year I publish my first novel –  “Speak #TRUTH Lies”  📚  And I’m so frigging stoked about it! (to borrow Linda & Danielle’s words).

Maybe you’ve followed my Writers Journey, which have been tremendous this year. My book is coming together with conviction. I’ve meet so many wonderful people on this writer’s quest, it would be a very long list to mention all of you, thankfully many of you are already mentioned in my blog  so I won’t go over board here.

I do have to mention Moira though. She has been absolutely instrumental in keeping me sane, grounded and moving forward with Love, Wisdom and Compassion this year. If you have tried setting goals, or New Years resolutions, and have not been very happy with the results, try Moira’s Free Don’t set Goals Do This course. You simply watch the video and follow the path she guide you on. It’s a tremendous way to end this year, celebrate all that 2017 was to you, and plan for the New Year.

I turned 50 this year, – it was awesome.

We had Two Fabulous holidays to celebrate MY  B I G  5  0 ❤️  I’ve long had a dream to visit Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa, THIS was the year we did that – I fell in love, we fell in love. I can’t describe it, but you can read about it here, if you want. 😊

Ruby and I had 2 wonderful weeks in Norway with my mum, brother, family, and friends – some I hadn’t meet in decades! We walked 6 mountains in 12 day, we went on ski lifts and roller coasters. We watched sunsets for hours, setting the horizon aflame, and we walked in the clouds. Norway is so incredible beautiful and abundant, – how could I ever have left this country? 

Before we went to Norway, I had a great realisation, that at 50, I’m older than my parents were, when we lived together, and I no longer have to give them power to manipulate or persuade me.  It felt so good to show up and be exactly who I am, not feel the need to react to old patterns was serene and made my time really special and wonderful. 

I used to work hard at fitting in and doing as I was told, when I was younger. I bet you’ve had some of that, in your life too 😉 Read on, but be warned, if you read this, you could find yourself on my Writer – Reader’s Team 😉

The biggest joy of turing 50 is being AWAKE

Well, – most of the time. I still fall into moodiness and I think that’s a right we all have.

Feeling upset and wounded used to be very familiar to me. Which is why I love the way we become more awake as we mature, how we learn to make forgiving easy. You may have seen me posting these words, form Danielle’s White Hot Truth before, to me her words are a guiding light on my journey, – My North Star, my Aurora Borealis, – especially because writing this book of mine is a painful process. There’s a lot of shame, ugliness and regrets I have to blast through to before the final chapter.

But let’s not go there today. Today I’m here to wish YOU a 🎄 Very Happy Christmas 🎅  and a Fabulous New Year. 🎉  I hope the season will bring you joy, love and courage – to live the best possible life you can give yourself, because you bloody well deserve it ❤️

This is our first year without Santa 🎅  (Ruby is 11). And our second year in a country where less than 10% celebrate Christmas, most not till 7th January 😃  We still have Christmas trees and decorations around the streets, and our home is decorated to the hilt ❤️ Our very good friends, The Green’s are coming for Christmas dinner. Most of our friends are traveling, so we make up our family with those who are left 😊  I love our expat family so much – you all make my life a joy! I also miss all of you, who I haven’t seen in a while – you brought such great times and joy ❤️ I love having you all on my journey ❤️

May you and your family, whoever they have come together, have the most wonderful season and a tremendous New Year.

Much Love & Light at Christmas and Always ❤️ 🎄  🎅

Vig ❤️

Do you feel like sharing your Christmas story? I’d love to hear from you, so pop your words in the comments below or wiz me a mail ❤️ Let’s get a conversation going ❤️

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      Happiest of Christmas to you and your book Debra,
      I’s been such a delight meeting you in Donna’s class ❤️

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