My Book on Fire

My writer’s life have kicked in good and hard. 

In the past 10 days, apart form a god awful bout of food poisoning with 2 & 1/2 days in bed, I have attended Donna Barker’s amazing Book on Fire Writers Course.

This is a gift to me, straight form the Universe and a testament to Moira and her Wealthy Minds Program.

I have Linda Sivertsen and Danielle LaPorte’s ‘Your Big Beautiful Book Plan‘ #BBBP in both PDF and audio, but I can’t get past the first 10% of it, not on my own. These two ladies are the smartest creative-sales people I know. They give it all away for free. Their books and audios. Some of their talks are on Youtube. They hold beautifully recorded podcasts with guests I love hearing from. Tom Hanks was their last visitor, listen to it! I didn’t know Tom Hanks was such a great writer and interviewee. It truly is the best Writer’s Podcast out there.

Looking for help with #BBBP I searched for their Facebook Group and discovered it’s a monthly membership group. I took a screenshot of the course advert and posted it in my Wealthy Minds Group with the caption “Halo Universe – is this clear enough for ya? :)” – Then I sent it to Shane with another caption; ‘Christmas Gift for Mom” – The Universe loves a little help, but what it want most of all is Clarity.

A day after I asked the Universe to give me a Beautiful Writers Group membership of Christmas, I started to wish I had it right now. I’m ready to start. Maybe not on something as big as ‘The Big Beautiful Book Plan’ but definitely a writers program I can get my teeth into, and learn some serious new stuff.

That’s when I found Donna, in Danielle’s Fire Starter Sessions. A Beta version? – I’m sceptical when someone I’ve not heard of, who have yet to amass a large following, offers me something for free. Beta, yes – I’m a product manager and know I’ll be committing to do some work during a Beta test . . . It was interesting enough to check out further.

Donna’s application process was rigorous, I really had to put both my thinking and writing cap on to answer why I wanted to write my book and why I’m committed to get it done. She was very clear about the people she wanted on her bus. And she made it crystal clear that WE, her students, had to commit to do ALL the work she set out for us. 21 minutes, every day, for 21 days. Here’s her intro video 😉

I am committed, so I applied. By the time I’d sent the application I could feel how much I wanted it, so I threw it into the Universal soup, – as Moira sometimes calls it, and asked for it, – straight out – Give it to me Universe!

I have one class to go before I’ve completed the 1st week / module. There are 5 classes in each of the 3 modules, and 2 live calls each week. This is work!

It’s a lot of Good Work!

Work that I need to be doing right now. I’m probably 25,000 words into the 85,000 word target, for my first novel. – Be it memoir or based on real life fiction, I don’t know . . . . In fact, there is so much I don’t know about my novel. That’s why the Universe, so very kindly, sent me Donna Barker’s Book on Fire course. To help me find out what I need to know, at this point in my writer’s life.

My book is at a crossroad, where the writing have turned into work, and not every day is a good writing day. I have also gotten myself well and truly stuck on some of these chapters, asking and aching to be written. Written with compassion and absolute commitment to my own truth. That’s a big ask. Especially from someone who prefer to keep her truths to herself.

This week Donna asked a ton of questions, some where such a relief and joy to answer. Others where very hard like • Why do you need to write this specific book? – It is a long time since my answer was,yeh, why?  Today my answer is elaborate, because I know I need, and I have, a BIG WHY!

Here is my answer to Donna: – It is course requirement to post this in our Facebook Group, – so it’s out there, – where the Universe can see it 😉

I have gone through ‘BIG Why’ exercise with Moira several times, though not book specific. If you want to give it a go Moira’s is here for free.

One of the luscious things in Donna’s Book on Fire course is the amazing community she’s gathered for us and herself. The support in The Book on Fire Facebook group is inspiring – on a whole new level of inspiration, to what I’ve seen women inspiring women before. This is the kind of help and support I expect in small personal development programs, where everyone are likeminded and all in.

Our Book on Fire Facebook group is as diverse as a writer’s group can be. I hope she’ll let us keep the group long after her course ends in 2 weeks. I need these women in my writer’s life. They comes from all sorts of backgrounds, some business, some light workers, some published authors, some consultants, teachers . . . I don’t know and it doesn’t matters, because their support, the way they wholeheartedly show up with all they’ve got is . . . . Love, – I suppose . . . – I can’t think of any other way to describe it.

The interaction in the group and the stories shared, all to be well guarded and honoured for their truth, could keep me reading for days. – Time to write and work permits me from reading it all. Donna, – has committed to reading all our comments, though she might miss some of them unless we tag her. It’s an enormous task with a classroom full of more than 100 seriously talented and prolific writers. Donna is the woman to do it though. – She’s got this! #AttaGirl!

Another thing I love about Donna’s course is that it was born from one of Danielle LaPorte’s courses – The Fire Starter Sessions! That Canadian Girl seem to have a hand in everything I do these days. The Desire Map was the start of my Danielle journey, – but, let’s leave that story for another day.

Right now, I’m too excited to to see what Clarity the next few weeks with Donna and the Book on Fire group will bring.

Love & Light

Vig ❤️

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  1. Oh, Vig, I love your WHY response analogy of pearls strung together to find answers for your truth. I am very INSPIRED by the hard work you are doing, both on yourself and your book! It is an honor to be a witness to this process and I can’t wait for you to write an inscription to me in your PUBLISHED memoir. Big hugs and love!

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