Vig, originally from Norway is 25 years an expat.

A writer, blogger and photographer, her ‘home continents’ spans, Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Australia. Follow her on her blog, where she writes about her journeys through the world and her every day life. Currently living in Cairo with her husband and their tween daughter, Vig is a member of Moira Geary’s Wealthy Mind ProgramDonna Barker’s Book on Fire  and Cairo #WriteStuff.

She is in the midst of writing her first novel and publishes snippets from her writing journey here, on her blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

She likes calling herself A Trailing Wife, especially in places like Bangkok and Cairo. Through her stories we get a sense of both the opulent lifestyle and the tough parts of living in these far-flung places, where everything is so vastly different to Ireland, England and Norway. Her invitation to come on the journey with her comes with a warning*:

“We take our expectations with us on our journey, and that’s ok, – as long as we throw them all out the window when we arrive at our new destination.” *

She keeps her book close to her heart, but on her blog, she cracks it wide open. Here she explores #TRUTH and the quest of “Daring to live the best possible life we can give ourselves – because we bloody well deserve it!”  

Her writing is full of ‘Tweetable Nuggets’. With a surprisingly fresh flare for word-smithery, she shows us stories we can taste and smell.  Shuddering feeling of fear, sits on one end of her writing scale, which sweep every emotion to the dazzling hight of breathtaking delight.

Some of her writing is pure poetic and give us a sense of her pulse as her sentences ebb and flow like melodies on the page. While writing, she usually listens to smooth instrumental jazz on Youtube.

This is from her blog “Epiphany and Certainty”, where she writes about bringing her writing  into the world;

“As I think about all the possibilities and options before me, an overwhelming feeling of the work I want to do, to make my dreams come true, sweep over me. In that same moment ‘the big WHY?’ raise it’s ugly head.” 

She confesses to her “self help journey being her guilty pleasure” and she cringe when she admits to “Having lunch while surfing the internet for the latest big motivational speakers and writers.” Here is what she says about herself.

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