Apartment hunting

It’s hard pounding pavements in 38ºC heat.

It’s hard being patient and it’s equally frustrating dealing with estate agents who brings me to places I don’t like or are too far form the school.

There is a silver lining though, viewing all these apartments is raising my expectation to luxury-living in the sky. There is no shortage of amazing places to live in this city, and I love it for that!

Living in the Bangkok Sky WonderWorks Vig Gleeson

After the first week of apartment hunting around the embassy I realised that not only is the area out of our price range, but living here means Ruby will have to take the school bus, a private minibus doing a round-up of about 10 kids. For a journey, the same distance that in Limerick will take 15 minutes, she will need to be out the door at 6:45, to be in school for 8 – and won’t get home till around 5, – that is just too long a day for a Castleconnell girl who used to walk herself to school.

Bangkok is HUGE and with the crazy traffic and long walks to the Skytrain in sweltering heat, travel is slow. This makes proximity KING!

BTS Skytrain BangkokPhoto: http://www.bangkok.com/bts/#

So my mind is made up, – we will live close enough to walk to school! Which is why I’m in Sathorn this lunchtime, after seeing an amazing place this morning, proper ambassador style, sadly it’s too far from school to walk.

The Met is really cool, but Ruby won’t like that tiny room and the building isn’t really kid friendly. A few places where in the right location, but I couldn’t live with those horrid furnitures . . . I could go on . . . Anyone who’s ever searched for a place to live, knows exactly how I feel right now, – so I relax and trust the right place is just around the corner, – literally. 🙂

Coffee Club Linch 1 WonderWorks Vig Gleeson

Until I start the afternoon trawl with David Wilson (this guys knows his stuff), I’ll just sit back and enjoy this delicious lunch in Coffee Club, – what a great place! Always a silver lining 🙂

Love & Light

Vig x


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