1st Bangkok Weekend

Ruby first woke at 4am for an hour this morning, but then she didn’t surface again till 3:30pm 😴 That would be about her normal time to get up for school in Castleconnell 🙂

It had gone 5 before we made it to the pool, which is freezing but large and deep so Ruby has to really swim – that works to keep you warm 🙂 We have a jacuzzi too, with equally cold water, but can you really call it a jacuzzi when the water is cold?

Aetas Pool WonderWorks Vig Gleeson

Mutch later than planned, we headed out for dinner in the garden at Novotel  – drawn in by the live music.


And the menu of course 🙂 Note to self, Thai food is very very hot! A lot HOTTER than in Europe . . .

Hot Thai Food WonderWorks Vig Gleeson

Then it was time for a gander. As soon as we got out from our ‘expat’ street the familiarity of Thailand swooped back in form memories 23 years gone. God I wonder what went through Ruby’s head as she walked the crowded streets full of incredible noise, vendors, foul smells and sex toys 🙂

Sukhumvit-Road-Bangkok10I borrow this photo form Stickman Weekly 😉

Ruby was euphoric during her first tuk-tuk ride ‘oh I love this, I love this! can we do this every day? Pleeeeeeeease’ Well, if the tuk-tuk drivers weren’t so hellbent on ripping off tourists – making it so dammed difficult to get the ‘going rate’ for expats, I suppose we could make this a regular thing – just for the thrill of it 🙂


We were exited to meet Shane’s new boss and his partner for lunch at Pala Pizza in Sukhumvit. We had a lovely time getting to know them over great food and a little wine (sure why not – when the boss is paying). Pala do pizza by the yard  so we definitely didn’t leave hungry.


Next we went in search of LPS and as luck would have it, that we found these on the shelf in the store next door. The day was saved 🙂 When the Awesome Kid is happy the grownup’s can pretty much do what the want, including buying shoes.

LPS on the Shelf

Still feeling the jet lag so its time to get home and prepare for first day in the new job and the first meeting at the new school. What ever will the next week bring?

Love & Light

Vig x


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